Items that are not taken from the event will either be donated, saved for future events or sold in order to find all of the items a new home. Our goal is to keep clothes out of  landfills by keeping them in circulation longer and living on through someone else’s closet.

Not only does buying second-hand clothing reduce the number of natural resources being used, it also reduces the amount of clothing waste, energy used, and pollution that's being emitted. It also reduces the amount of discarded clothing entering textile landfills.

We only accept and sell items that are in great condition, sometimes even brand new with the original tags attached. Think: would your bestie want to borrow this item? You can find specifics about each item and its condition in the product description.

No problem! Take on The Exchange Project lifestyle by scheduling an appointment to be personally styled in our showroom, or shop our second-hand favorites on our website.

The cost of your ticket goes towards the service of responsibly recycling textile waste and discarded garments, any event fees, co-host fees, coordination expenses, and any speciality items or experiences added to the event.

You came to the right place! We would love to help you sell your items and find them a new home. We offer a 40/60 commission rate of the sale, calculating pricing by taking into account a wide range of variables such as original price, common resale prices, the condition of the item, and how desirable it is in terms of current fashion trends.