How It Works

Ready to renew your closet while also renewing the planet? Come to one of our events and experience shopping powered by sustainability! For the fashion forward & environmentally conscious, our events prioritize checking in with our mental and physical wellness while limiting our environmental impact. Do all of this in 5 easy steps:

  1. Purchase your ticket to the event! Your ticket serves as your RSVP and gives you access to the event, the high-end clothing exchange, shopping with our local vendors, and any activities, food, or drinks we may be offering.
  2. Clean out your closets! Clear out ALL clothes that don’t suit you anymore, aren’t your current style, or that you just don’t wear. Life is WAY too short to not love your outfit.
  3. Select approximately ten items that are in perfect condition and are relevant to be part of The Exchange. THINK: Would my bestie want to borrow this? If the answer is YES, we will accept it to be part of the event. Please be mindful that any items that are outdated, damaged, or not in great condition will not be accepted for the exchange; however, we will happily donate them for you. Don’t have any items to drop off? No problem! All ticket purchases allow you to select three items during the swap!
  4. Drop your items to the designated drop location as soon as possible, and before the date mentioned in your confirmation email. Be sure to include your name, number of dropped items, and email within the bag! Any items dropped off after the date mentioned will not be accepted for the event. Check your invitation for further details.
  5. Come ready to party, revitalize, connect, and exchange on the date provided in the invite!

We can’t wait to welcome you into The Exchange Project lifestyle while doing our part for the planet, for ourselves, and for the community. See you there!

* Please Note *: Items left over from the event will be donated to a local women's shelter, saved for future events or sold online in order to keep all clothes in circulation longer and out of landfills.